What If You Could Reignite Fun and Intimacy in Your Marriage After Kids?

Let's Revive Your Marriage & Early Parenting Journey in Just 12 Weeks!



What If You Could Reignite Fun and Intimacy in Your Marriage After Kids?

Let's Revive Your Marriage in Just 12 Weeks!


Raise your hand if you are a new parent feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle the challenges of early parenthood.


You might be dealing with exhaustion, guilt, and stress. It may look like the joy and connection you once had with your spouse may feel like a distant memory, and caring for your child constantly leaves you with little time or energy to nurture your marriage and take care of your own well-being.

Does this sound like you?


  • You feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the constant demands of parenting.
  • Your relationship with your partner has taken a backseat to caring for your children.
  • You long for the intimacy and connection you once shared with your spouse, but finding time for sex and date nights feels impossible.
  • You are frustrated because your partner doesn’t seem to put in the effort to help with parenting or the relationship.
  • Stress and guilt are taking a toll on your mental health, leaving you struggling to find balance and time for yourself.

What if you could live a life where you and your spouse enjoy parenthood with intimacy....


and you can enjoy regular date nights because your child sleeps through the night, uninterrupted for up to 12 hours—RIGHT NOW, without waiting for them to get older?

These are all possible for you, and you don’t have to go through this alone.

I’m here to help. With over a decade of experience in psychology and counseling, I specialise in supporting new parents like you to reclaim joy, balance, and intimacy in your marriage.

A 12-week 1:1 coaching program for new parents with young children who are looking to parent with confidence, happiness and strategy while nurturing YOUR marriage and individual mental health. 

You’ll receive a personalised, step-by-step framework designed to eliminate feelings of deprivation, guilt, regret, and dissatisfaction, ensuring a fulfilling and joyful family life now and in the long run.



"Not only has our relationship improved but the positiveness and drive we feel to improve the relationship correlates to our daily moods and enables us to have an overall positive outlook in life"


My partner and I were facing relationship issues, constant disputes and misunderstandings that only seem to have gotten worse over our 4-year relationship. We felt dissatisfied and felt like we had reached a dead end. As a last resort, we decided that professional help may be our best option.


Fast forward 6 months, we feel that we have finally came out of a rut in the relationship. What felt like a fight for a lost cause, now feels  worthwhile and we feel this motivation to keep the progress going. Mentally, we feel positive.


- Ashivini Nasen

This is for you if:


  • You desire peaceful nights and rejuvenating sleep for yourself and your children.
  • You want to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and rediscover intimacy in your marriage amidst parenthood.
  • You seek confident parenting skills and strategies to raise happy, independent, and resilient children.
  • You yearn for a better family-life balance that allows time for personal pursuits and passions.
  • You long for guilt-free moments with your family and the freedom to enjoy date nights and vacations without stress.

Imagine a day where peaceful nights, thriving marriage, and confident parenting skills are the norm.


All while building a strong foundation for your family's future that you could enjoy for decades.


The Parenting Revival Program follows a proven framework focused on sleep coaching, maternal and paternal mental wellness, couple connection, and parenting and household foundations.


"She got us rediscovering ourselves, in order to be a better partner for each other"


My husband and I contacted Sharanya for couple couselling. We were going through tremendous change, such as marriage, moving back and forth from our parents’ places and having a baby. This put a huge strain in our relationship and we couldn’t see eye to eye anymore. That’s when Sharanya was introduced to us by our own family member who had approached her themselves.

Within 2 sessions, our lives began to change. Sharanya kept emphasizing that it’s our very own effort that makes the difference. However, we do have to credit her mostly for her insightful tips and advices, and most importantly for enabling us to understand one another.

Today, after 4 sessions, my husband and I believe that we’re in a good place, where we want to be. With homework done in each session to be a better partner, we will have to continuously work on it to be in this place. Afterall, that’s what keeps the relationship going; the effort.

Thank you Sharanya, for being there for us when we needed you the most, at our lowest. You made us set a goal, guided us and ensured that we did reach the goal eventually. You were full of warmth, you got us talking to you so easily and comfortably. Thank you for everything. We’ll definitely see you for a recharge session! ❤️

For anyone thinking of someone to talk to, don’t think twice. It’s Sharanya you go to!


- Nadhiah

What's Included:


  • 12 x 1:1 Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Parenting and Pediatric Sleep Coaching for up to Two Children (Children under 5)

  • Marriage & Life Coaching (with Focus on Maternal & Paternal Mental Wellness)

  • Worksheets & Materials (designed to guide you effortlessly through this journey)

  • 12 Weeks of Unlimited Instant Messaging and Email Support

Here's What You Can Expect Inside the Program:

Parenting & Pediatric Sleep Coaching

What we will cover:

  • Sleep Assessment & Sleep Space Audit
  • Personalized Sleep Plan
  • Future Proof Sleep with Transition Guides
  • Virtual Pediatric Sleep Coaching Consultation
  • Sleep Tracker & Activity Guide
  • Feeding and Nutrition Guide
  • Early Parenting Coaching 

Marriage & Life Coaching

What we will cover:

  • Maternal & Paternal Mental Health Empowerment:
    • Where we will tackle stress, guilt, disappointment
  • Couple Mental Wellness Coaching:
    • Keeping your marriage alive and relevant despite becoming parents
  • Parenting & Household Foundations:
    • Establish clear parenting goals, expectations, and roles for a harmonious household

What Your Life Will Look Like After the Program: 


✔️ Experience uninterrupted sleep for your child, up to 12 hours each night

✔️ Your child learns how to love and enjoy sleep without you next to them (and your child is happier in the day - no longer moody)

✔️ Foster your child's immunity, confidence, independence, and resilience, reducing instances of illness

✔️ Reconnect with yourself and your spouse, fostering the same intimacy as pre-kids

✔️ Enjoy parenting and marriage without the burden of deprivation, stress, or guilt

✔️ Navigate conflicts and challenges seamlessly, strengthening your bond as a couple and as parents

✔️ Embrace your dream of becoming the parent you've always envisioned, free from exhaustion and chaos

Pay In Full

USD $2,200

and enjoy the BONUSES!

  • 12 x 1:1 Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Parenting and Pediatric Sleep Coaching for up to Two Children
  • Marriage & Life Coaching
  • Supportive Worksheets & Materials
  • 12 Weeks of Unlimited Instant Messaging and Email Access
  • BONUS #1: 2 Additional Marriage & Parenting Coaching Calls
  • BONUS #2: 5 Days of WhatsApp Access After the Program

Payment Plan

USD $600

x 4 Monthly Payments

  • 12 x 1:1 Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Parenting and Pediatric Sleep Coaching for up to Two Children
  • Marriage & Life Coaching
  • Supportive Worksheets & Materials
  • 12 Weeks of Unlimited Instant Messaging and Email Access
  • BONUS #1: 2 Additional Marriage & Parenting Coaching Calls
  • BONUS #2: 5 Days of WhatsApp Access After the Program

Is It Worth It? Let's Look at the Investment This Way:


The Happiness Budget:

Every home deserves happiness and happiness comes in many forms. It can be basic needs, certain luxuries or a long awaited holiday. Let’s take your weekly groceries as an example. 


Imagine life without groceries—your home would feel empty, your meals incomplete, and your family hungry. 

Just like you can't go without stocking up on essentials for your home, investing in my program ensures your entire family's well-being becomes a non-negotiable priority.

 You can fully transform your lives for just $120 a week (less than your weekly groceries or that luxurious once a year holiday) for the benefit of a lifetime!


Now, why wouldn’t you want to feel like you are on holiday everyday of your life in your marriage and your early parenting life?


The Parenting Revival Program is your ultimate  investment to your mental, emotional, social, physical well being. It is like having a full pantry of groceries so no one goes hungry. It’s time to invest in your happiness!



Hi, I'm Sharanya V!


As a Marriage & Pediatric Sleep Coach, my journey blends expertise in Family Psychology, Marriage, Counseling and  Pediatric Sleep. But more than that, my heart beats with a passion for empowering young families to thrive!

Through the transformative power of Marital Bliss, Pediatric Sleep, and Mental Health, I'm here to ensure every family member not only revives but truly thrives in every season of their lives, starting in the early years of marriage and parenting. 



Let me be blunt with you here. I am a big mental health advocate and all for happy marriages and childhoods too, however staying married for the happiness of your child alone is not my way forward. You gotta be happy doing you, your way. 


If your marriage has been abusive, draining and you see zero path and hope forward, I will be the first to say “off you go to rewrite your life story - start fresh” and refer you to a divorce lawyer myself. Either way, I remain YOUR advocate and will help you through your life journey always.