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Mum Revival Program

6 Week Coaching Program - $497


Rediscover joy in motherhood, build resilience, and foster a deeper connection with your child while giving importance to your own well-being.

This is a six-week bespoke coaching program designed specifically for mothers, focusing on transforming maternal mental and emotional wellness.


What you'll get:

  • 6 weeks of Maternal Mental Health Teachings, Empowerment, Cheerleading, Companionship, Personal Development, Filling Happiness Cups, and Toolbox to a fulfilled life as a mum and woman, GUILT-FREE!
  • 4 X 60-min Virtual Calls
  • 1 X Daily Mum Check-In via Whatsapp Messages or Voice Notes
  • Unlimited Whatsapp Access During the Program
  • Unlimited Email Support During the Program





Mom Wellness Starter Pack

1 Week Coaching Program - $57


Kick-start your wellness journey and make self-care a priority with the Mom Wellness Starter Pack.

Crafted to serve as your gentle nudge towards prioritizing your own needs, this program provides an immediate boost to help you emerge from the shadows of motherhood. It gives you a taste of what life can be when you decide to put your needs first.


What you'll get:

  • 1 x Personalized Consultation¬†(worth $150) where¬†will assess your current lifestyle, goals, and challenges, and provide tailored recommendations to support your well-being journey.

  • 1:1 WhatsApp Support for 1 Week¬†(worth $150) for more¬†personalized support and guidance directly from Sharanya V via WhatsApp

*Note: This offer is available for a one-time purchase only, so make the most of this special opportunity!



"She gave me reassurance and helped me gained back my confidence"


I engaged with Sharanya because I had overwhelming issues with motherhood and mental health. She has been so helpful. She guided me on how to divert my attention to some other stuffs that I can do when I'm feeling down and such. She is truly God sent and I'm blessed to have bumped into her. I'll definitely recommend Sharanya to others who needs help.


- Nuraini Noor Din