Client Case Study: From Sleepless Nights and Strained Marriage to Guilt-Free Date Nights and a Thriving Married Life

About My Client F&S


F&S, a young married couple in their late 20s, are blessed with two boys, ages 3 and 9 months.

The demands of parenting took a toll on their marriage and personal well-being. Sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, and daily stressors strained their relationship, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted despite having a supportive environment.

The Goals:

When F&S came to me, they had BIG (but achievable) goals - some were parenting related, others were marriage and mental health related.


Parenting Goals

  • To have their children sleeping independently & happily through the night and naps
  • To be able to learn how to handle toddler tantrums
  • To raise independent children and be confident in their own presence and with company¬†
  • To be able to have a pleasant time together with the children at home and outside with minimal challenges and maximum composure


Marriage Goals

  • To reduce bickering about parenting, self care, division of duties and romance
  • To conquer anger management and improve communication with each other
  • To spend more carefree time together as a couple without the weight of having children
  • To handle guilt and insecurities while out fueling the couple cup¬†


Mental Health Goals

  • To be able to do things for themselves individually¬†
  • To be able to feel refreshed and energized¬†
  • To self regulate better in life, marriage and parenting
  • To be able to have happiness and contentment despite hard times

But here were their challenges:


  • Having children shocked them heavily after realising how much they needed to do to have the balance they were craving for as a married couple while providing and raising their young children.
  • They often felt jealous of couples that did not have kids, because parenting felt hard!
  • The children‚Äôs tantrums and multiple wakings in the night were extremely hard to deal with and became their daily trigger points, straining their marriage and bringing about unnecessary fights and disagreements which are easily avoidable. They often felt worried, stressed and anxious about the children and handling them as they could never really just be themselves individually or as a loving couple as parenting was taking a toll on them.
  • Though they thoroughly appreciate their blessed life with a roof over their heads, healthy children, grandparents nearby and a live-in helper, life got the better of them and overwhelm & exhaustion became a prominent feature in their home.¬†

The Solution? 

Here's what we worked on together inside The Parenting Revival Program:


  • The first thing we did was lay down their dream life and all of the things on their wishlist. F&S did miss being a couple for a long time and felt the need to nourish their marriage.
  • After which, we uncover the roadblocks of what is stopping them from being happier and more content with life.
  • The challenges were then resolved through Pediatric Sleep Coaching and then Marriage & Life Coaching. With the execution of these two phases, their Family Systems Solution were automatically built which contributes to the Tool Box Creation of Life as young parents and a married couple.¬†

And here are their wins after working together:


  • Independent Children:¬†Their kids sleep through the night and lead their daily routines.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: F&S can now troubleshoot issues effortlessly and peacefully in their marriage and parenting.
  • Happier Family Life: Improved kindness, reduced sleep deprivation, and more quality time together as a married couple.
  • Established Routines: Less stress and more time for personal and couple activities.
  • Date Nights Without Guilt!:¬†They now have the confidence in leaving kids, enjoying guilt-free date nights, and knowing the children will sleep soundly.

Through my Parenting Revival Program, I provide practical tools and tangible solutions that give you actual results to help you overcome sleep deprivation, mental torment, marital struggles, parenting difficulties and household mayhem. 


Together, we’ll transform not just your parenting journey, but your marital relationship and individual well being infused with confidence, peace and a system that really runs the show. 



"We can go dating at night without worrying about our kids as we are so sure that they will only wake up in the morning"


Our biggest struggle was our relationship and with our parenting skills as well. Once we became parents of two, everything was a struggle for us. We realised we needed help to improve our relationship. And that's when I came across her IG. Sharanya initiated ainitiated for a free call before we could decide on heron the her service. We had a call with her and decided to embarkembarked on this journey for OUR MENTAL WELLNESS. We decided to embarkembarked on the PARENTING REVIVIAL COACHING PROGRAMME. We feel that we are so much in control of our relationship and parenting.


We see less tantrums in our child and when we face tantrums we know how to handle our kids. Putting them to sleep after sleep coaching them is like a walk in the park. So much easier than we thought it wouldwill be. We are also happier now and have more couple time after the kids go to bed.


We are happy in terms of our relationship and parents. Its a WIN-WIN situation for us. I would definitely recommend to all parents who are sleep deprived, going through a whole rollerwhole of roller coaster ride.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely rate it 10. Sharanya made it so comfortable for us to work with her. My husband himself opened up during this programme and indeed a big change for him. We're definitely happy that we made the right decision to embark on this journey, and especially with Sharanya V.


- F&S

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