Are You Feeling Exhausted, Overwhelmed, and Disconnected from Your Partner During this Early Stage of Parenthood?

I feel you. My first experience managing my life and family with my newborn began when my spouse and I moved from Myanmar to an empty unfurnished home in Singapore with our 35 day old infant.

The sleep deprivation, unmet needs, the unknown of where all this will go, how long will I ‘suffer’ for, put a toll on myself, my marriage and relationship with my newborn. We weren’t bonding ( I didn’t understand why, I thought I was naturally supposed to fall in love with the baby that lived in me for 9 months and that I would love my spouse and myself more).

It was not the case at all. Lost is an understatement of what I went through. I was you! Exactly where you are. 

But after 3 months of zero direction, I found a path to clarity in my early parenting life. 

Do you know what I found? Myself!


It all started with an argument I had with my spouse about all the sacrifices I was making to be a mum, as I found it unfair to be the sole caregiver and not having ANY personal space or an income to call mine (while his life didn’t change that drastically).


These were real struggles. But I knew, I could not have a job and be at home with my newborn in a new country all at the same time. So I chose my path.


I took a plunge into another unknown territory, and pursue higher education. At that point of time, I badly needed to call something mine, that didn’t belong to anyone else, for some self reassurance (to know the old me is still there), confidence and in all honesty, sanity


It was scary! Especially because we were foreigners in a new land. Who would I run to, if I needed help? Either way, I did it! I enrolled in my Masters of Counseling shortly after my newborn turned 12 weeks old, finished it on time and passed with high distinctions (a first for me).

Because I put myself first... I began to feel happier. 


I obtained the clarity I needed to focus on my goal and also needed to find a way to manage my Masters education, my baby (who wasn’t sleeping well at all), household chores and my marriage too.


I knew if my child wasn’t sleeping through the night, I would have no peace, rest or stability. So I decided that the sleep needed to be fixed, but I have to say it was a pretty rocky journey as I was playing the guessing game based on google and I had no proper guidance. Because of that, my poor bubba only began to sleep through the night after about 4 weeks of him being my guinea pig.


It sparked an interest in me to learn the true methodology behind sleep and therefore I got myself trained in Pediatric Sleep with Sleep Sense. When I eventually had my daughter, she began sleeping through the night within 3 days of sleep coaching. Methodology matters.


I then went on to continue my learnings around couple wellness and intimacy through the Gottman Method which has gotten me to where I am today.

I emerged from the early parenting struggle myself

and realized how beautiful life could be as a young parent without the deprivation and struggle. I couldn't keep this secret to myself. I felt compelled to share it with the world, to tell every parent out there that THIS is the best way to parent—it meets every family's needs!


My aim is to transform the future generation, starting with strengthening parenting partnerships. 

I firmly believe that if a couple isn't strong, nothing works. Children suffer, and parents endure mental turmoil. Life may not be perfect, but the best is possible. As long as both parents are doing your absolute best, you are already winning. 

And that's why I'm here—to guide you through your struggles (which are absolutely normal)  and help you emerge stronger and happier as an individual, parent and couple, holistically.

Hi, I'm Sharanya V!


As the Founder and CEO of Revive & Thrive, I proudly wear multiple hats — a devoted parent, trained mental health counselor, certified pediatric sleep consultant, marriage coach, and community builder.

With over a decade of experience in psychology and counseling, I specialize in supporting mothers and couples entering parenthood.

My focus is on enhancing well-being, preventing burnout, and making parenting guilt-free and enjoyable.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science - University of South Australia, Australia
  • Master of Counseling - Monash University, Australia


Professional Training:

  • Clinical Foundations in Gottman Method Couples Therapy- Level 1 & 2 - The Gottman Institute - USA, 2024
  • Pediatric Sleep Solutions - Sleep Sense - USA, 2020
  • Goethe Zertifikat B1 - Malaysia, 2018
  • Recruitment & Selection Training - Malaysia, 2015
  • DISC Training - Malaysia, 2013
  • Home Safety Visit Training - Australia, 2012
  • Collaborative Recovery Model Training - Australia, 2012
  • Lifeline Domestic Violence Helpline - Australia, 2010


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Malay
  • German
  • Tamil

Through my Parenting Revival Program, I provide practical tools and tangible solutions that give you actual results to help you overcome sleep deprivation, mental torment, marital struggles, parenting difficulties and household mayhem. 


Together, we’ll transform not just your parenting journey, but your marital relationship and individual well being infused with confidence, peace and a system that really runs the show. 



Let’s revive your marriage and family’s happiness together


...not just for now, but for decades to come. Join me on this journey to create a joyful and balanced family life.

Other Ways to Work with Me

Aside from my signature offer, The Parenting Revival Program, I also offer focused support in the following areas:

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