Let's Revive Intimacy and Contentment in your Married Lives while Parenting Your Little Ones

Heal your marriage, ease parental stress and create a beautifully balanced life as an individual, parent and spouse starting now. 


Let's Revive Intimacy and Contentment in your Married Lives while Parenting Your Little Ones

Heal your marriage, ease parental stress and create a beautifully balanced life as an individual, parent and spouse starting now. 


Do you feel like everything has become a struggle since becoming parents?


Are you finding it challenging to balance the demands of parenthood while nurturing a strong and fulfilling relationship?

If the weight of parenthood is impacting your happiness and connection as a couple, it's time to discover a new approach that brings joy back into your family life.

Let's Prioritize Your Needs as New Parents and Your Marriage Now


It's actually possible to achieve balance and fulfillment even with young children! 

In fact, disappointment and dissatisfaction (if not resolved immediately), can lead to unhappiness, depression, or divorce.

That's why I am dedicated to guiding new parents and young families on a journey toward holistic well-being - empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your lives. 



Your Ultimate Roadmap to Joy, Intimacy, and Balance in Marriage & Early Parenthood


This is my signature coaching and counseling program, designed for overwhelmed parents navigating the early stages of parenting.

We'll cover everything from restoring peaceful nights with pediatric sleep coaching to empowering you with essential mental wellness tools, marriage communication skills, and early parenting strategies. 

Finally say goodbye to parental stress and guilt, and hello to a revitalized parenting journey filled with confidence, harmony, and lasting memories. 

Let's revive your marriage and family's happiness together - not just now but for decades to come. 


Hi, I'm Sharanya V!


As a Marriage & Pediatric Sleep Coach, my journey blends expertise in Family Psychology, Marriage, Counseling and  Pediatric Sleep. But more than that, my heart beats with a passion for empowering young families to thrive!


Through the transformative power of Marital Bliss, Pediatric Sleep, and Mental Health, I'm here to ensure every family member not only revives but truly thrives in every season of their lives, starting in the early years of marriage and parenting. 




3 Essential Pillars for Thriving Families

Happy Baby

(Pediatric Sleep Support)

Experience personalized sleep solutions for your child, ensuring peaceful nights and a smoother daily routine for everyone.

Happy Mom

(Maternal Well-being Support)

Prioritize your mental and emotional health as a mother, rediscovering joy and resilience amidst the demands of parenting.

Happy Couple/Parents

(Marriage Support)

Enhance communication, connection, and intimacy with your partner, while navigating the journey of parenthood together.


"Not only has our relationship improved but the positiveness and drive we feel to improve the relationship correlates to our daily moods and enables us to have an overall positive outlook in life"


My partner and I were facing relationship issues, constant disputes and misunderstandings that only seem to have gotten worse over our 4-year relationship. We felt dissatisfied and felt like we had reached a dead end. As a last resort, we decided that professional help may be our best option.


Fast forward 6 months, we feel that we have finally came out of a rut in the relationship. What felt like a fight for a lost cause, now feels  worthwhile and we feel this motivation to keep the progress going. Mentally, we feel positive.


- Ashivini Nasen

Other Ways to Work with Me

Not quite ready to invest in The Parenting Revival Program? No problem! I offer focused support in the following areas:

"I took her advises seriously, and now both me and my husband have a weekly break slot  in our calendars"


Sharanya gives small tasks to do every week, replied to every one of us, giving attention to all details, getting us to open up on our issues if comfortable, and at the same time gives us our space. I re-learned that being a mother doesn't mean losing your individuality. I am not guilty wanting do to things for myself.


- Shanta Latchumy Geevaretnam

You can also explore the free resources for more expert advice and valuable tips to enhance your early parenting journey:


Free Webinar: Thriving Together - How to Cultivate Happiness in Marriage and Parenthood Confidently Without Deprivation, Guilt and Insecurities


In this webinar, you'll discover practical strategies to thrive as a parent, prioritize well-being, strengthen your marriage, nurture your child's development, and achieve joy & balance in family life.

It's time to navigate the challenges of early parenthood with confidence and grace!



The Parenting Revival Podcast with Sharanya V


Tune in to The Parenting Revival Podcast for practical hacks, insightful conversations, real life stories that resonate with the highs and lows of life as a married couple with young children.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of parenthood together and reclaim your balance in your life as a fellow human being who deserves rest, sleep, recuperation, marital bliss and overall sanity. Because that is what life is meant to be. 



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